What happened on Friday

Our anthology is still selling well.

It’s Behind You
The theme was ‘Something on the Wall Behind You’. This was suggested after we became fascinated by the backdrops to Zoom calls. There was a good variety of responses inspired by pictures or photographs or even statues which are behind us when we appear on screen. Some of your responses are now on our website but there is still plenty of room for more. So please send them through to me, with or without a picture.

Book sales
Our Anthology has now sold 58 copies. Don’t forget to mention it to friends and followers as we are relying on web sales alone at the moment.

Our website has now passed 1,000 hits! I try to update it every few days. It exists to promote your work and our shared love for books. So please keep me updated with your news.

Other social media
We have 63 followers on Instagram, and 28 members of our Facebook group. We are also getting good responses on WordPress, which hosts our website. Each post is getting seven or eight likes which shows this is a good forum for writers.

Writing Project
Oliver contributed Chapter 7 to our joint writing project, Thrapston Mansions. It is a joy each week to see how the story is developing. Pam will be writing Chapter 8 for us. If you wish to join, please let me know. The writer is chosen at random each week from those on the list until we have all had a go. Then, we can go round again if we wish!

Southam Book Festival
Bella, Lindsay and Maddie are taking part in Southam Book Festival, which is online this year. You can join their live video chat on Tuesday night. Details here.

New books out
Bella’s Christmas book is to be published this week and will be appearing on the shelves of Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Christine’s new book will be published this week as well – we will update you on both shortly. Maddie and Lindsay both have new books out as well. Fantastic, everyone. Congratulations to all!

QandA for the website
I’m going to circulate one of those book questionnaires and invite you to fill it in for the website. This is to improve the ‘Our Writers’ section. There will be a list of questions on the books you like, based on those features we see in Sunday supplement magazines. There is no pressure to complete it, but you might enjoy it and it should make an interesting read for visitors to the website.

Theresa’s news
Our founder, Theresa, was very sorry she could not join us on Friday but she was in the middle of a journey delayed by high seas. She sends her best wishes to everyone and hopes to see us next time

Next time
The theme of our next meeting, on Friday October 23rd, is Writing about Real People. You can talk about how you have included real people, or real names in your own writing (and the perils involved!), or you can discuss a book about a real person. Bella is going to lead the discussion.


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