Writing inspired by an object

Rugby Cafe Writers were challenged to produce a piece of writing inspired by an object or picture. Here is a selection of their contributions. Against All The Odds by Madalyn Morgan Against all the odds, fourteen-year-old Vladimir – now in his nineties – drew this windmill. Vladimir gave me the windmill (circa 1943) when I leftContinue reading “Writing inspired by an object”

Writing about Spring

Rugby Cafe Writers were challenged to write a story, poem or article on the theme of Spring. Here is a selection of their contributions. Hot Cross Buns by Christine Hancock Spring means Easter, and the start of Easter is Good Friday, which means Hot Cross Buns. I got married in 1977, in May, but thatContinue reading “Writing about Spring”

Writing about Ireland

Rugby Cafe Writers were invited to write a piece of fiction or non-fiction on the theme of Ireland. Ireland: a personal perspective ‘The Land of Saints and Scholars.’  So says the well-known phrase describing the Irish Republic.  A less-kind observer, in search of a similarly alliterative moniker, might say ‘The Land of Poets and PouringContinue reading “Writing about Ireland”

What makes a good fantasy novel?

So what makes a good fantasy novel? And how is it different from science fiction? Here are some news updates from our meeting on November 21st 2020. Book salesWe have now sold 24 e-book versions and 44 paperback versions of our anthology, Get to the Point. This week, we are featured in the Rugby Observer.https://rugbyobserver.co.uk/news/rugby-writers-publish-first-anthology-of-work/Continue reading “What makes a good fantasy novel?”

Should stories have a moral to them?

Next Friday we’re talking about stories/novels that have a moral to them. This doesn’t mean they’re ‘moralistic’ but more that they have a meaning which underlies the story at ‘face-value’. I immediately thought of a book, a novella, by Steinbeck called The Pearl. It’s the most gripping story which delivers its message in the lastContinue reading “Should stories have a moral to them?”