Welcome to Rugby Cafe Writers

Rugby Cafe Writers are a group of authors and book-lovers who meet regularly in the Midlands town of Rugby to discuss the craft of writing. You are most welcome to join us. We have now resumed face-to-face meetings in St Andrew’s Church, Rugby every fortnight on a Friday morning at 10am. We also have a monthly online Bookchat, usually on a Thursday morning, to keep in touch with members who are not able to come along to our Friday meetings.

You can see us at the following festivals:

Saturday Singing Festival, St Andrew’s Church, Rugby on Saturday October 8th from 10.30am.
Moulton Literary Festival, near Northampton on Sunday October 9th from 10am to 4pm.
Southam Literary Festival on Sunday October 10th from 10am to 4pm.

Find out how to buy your copy of our new anthology, Get to the Point.

Here, our founder Theresa Le Flem, introduces the group.

Running for over three years now, Café Writers is a lively gathering of local writers, poets and playwrights; we meet simply to talk about our work over a coffee. All of us have one thing in common: we need encouragement and advice, and we enjoy sharing our journey along that hazardous road into print.

Our meetings run fortnightly on a Friday morning throughout the year without a break. We usually choose a topic to discuss, anything from tackling writer’s block to how to promote sales of our books. An average of fourteen of us meet in the Thirteen Bells Café, inside St. Andrew’s Church, in Rugby town centre.

Founder Theresa Le Flem.

A few years ago, during an author talk I gave for the Rugby Festival of Culture, I was surprised by the number of writers in the audience. Their questions led to a conversation continuing long after my allocated time, as people discovered their common interest – writing! This gave me the idea to start up the opportunity for these writers to meet again and get to know each other, and hence Café Writers was born. 

The common saying that ‘everyone has a book in them’ is, we have discovered, surprisingly true.

Theresa Le Flem, founder of Rugby Cafe Writers.

Since that day, I’m proud to say some of them who were still finding their way then, are now published authors. More recently, several of us have taken Café Writers out to literary festivals in Southam and Northampton and given talks and book-signings locally. The curiosity the general public has in the mysterious world of a writer is, it seems, never dimmed; in fact, by sharing our experiences, we enjoy encouraging others not only to buy our books but to set out on that journey themselves. Some have always dreamt of doing this, but never taken the first step. The common saying that ‘everyone has a book in them’ is, we have discovered, surprisingly true.

Drinking coffee and talking about books… what could be better?
(Sketch by Theresa Le Flem)

So, we hope you enjoy this website and trust it will inspire you to look further into our work, to purchase our book and understand a writer’s passion. Perhaps this might even prod you into putting pen to paper yourselves. There are always more stories out there, just waiting to be written. And if you live locally and would like to join us, there’s always room for one more.

Theresa Le Flem, founder of Rugby Cafe Writers.


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