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In February 2023, we published our new book, an anthology of poems called Press Pause: Relax with a Poem. The 250-page book is available from Amazon as a paperback, ebook or hardback. Click here to order a copy.

Here is the blurb for the book:

Life can be hectic, life can be tough. Sometimes we all need to Press Pause and relax with a poem. In this collection, you’ll find something to suit every mood… poems about remarkable people, poems to make you want to save the planet, poems to make you think about the past and quirky poems about the strangest of pets! They might make you smile, make you think or even, occasionally, bring a tear to the eye, but you are sure to feel a little less stressed after five minutes with this impressive collection.

The Cafe Writers, as the name suggests, are a group of poets who meet in a cafe every couple of weeks to exchange news, build friendships and – most importantly – read out their latest verses. Some are new to poetry, some are experienced poets but they all have one thing in common: they love the power of poems.

Our first book was Get to the Point, an anthology of short stories, memoir and poems, published in May 2020.

Get to the Point: First Anthology of Work by Rugby Cafe Writers by [Theresa Le Flem, John Howes]
Get to the Point, our new anthology of writing.

The book is also available from Amazon as a 260-page paperback or an ebook. This is the blurb:

Every fortnight in Rugby, a group of writers meet to chat about their work over coffee. Initially, they had got nothing in common except their love of books and their passion for writing. They are a mixed bunch: novelists, short-story writers, poets, journalists and playwrights. Becoming friends, they share advice and encourage each other. Some have never had a word published before. But this is the result – the collected works of Rugby Cafe Writers, an entertaining, moving and occasionally shocking selection of original work. There are more than 60 stories, poems and articles to enjoy.

Here’s what some of our reviewers said:

Get To The Point is a unique collection of short stories, poems and articles. Some are very funny and some are serious. I enjoyed them all and loved the variety. I also enjoyed reading about the writers; what they had written before and what they were currently writing. I found that very interesting.

I enjoyed all the pieces, really imaginative stories and thought inspiring verse, I found the article on coeliac disease especially interesting. Well done Rugby Cafe Writers, very entertaining, I look forward to reading more.

Great book to dip into with some cracking pieces! With its mix of stories and poems there’s something for everyone.

A huge range of topics, genres and writing styles from a lot of different writers. All well written and thought provoking. Definitely something here for everyone.

The book is available from Amazon as a paperback for £6, or an ebook for £1.99.

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