What makes a good fantasy novel?

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?: The inspiration behind Blade Runner  and Blade Runner 2049 (S.F. MASTERWORKS): Amazon.co.uk: Philip K. Dick:  9780575094185: Books

So what makes a good fantasy novel? And how is it different from science fiction? Here are some news updates from our meeting on November 21st 2020.

Book sales
We have now sold 24 e-book versions and 44 paperback versions of our anthology, Get to the Point. This week, we are featured in the Rugby Observer.

Social media
Our website has had 1,461 visits and we now have 95 followers on Instagram. Our Facebook group has 28 members and Twitter just 21 followers.

National coverage for Kate
Well done to Kate who features on the coeliac website talking about her experiences – and promoting our book at the same time!

Christine’s books are in Hunt’s Bookshop
Christine’s latest book, Bright Helm, is now available in Hunt’s Bookshop in Rugby and she featured on their Facebook Page.
Maddy has been helping to raise money for Children in Read by offering to name a character after someone in her new book. 

Fantasy and make believe
Lindsay led a fascinating discussion on what makes a fantasy story. Some discussed the difference (is there one?) between fantasy and science fiction. There were many authors mentioned. Here are some of them: George R R Martin, Robert Shearman, Patricia Briggs, David Eddings – The Belgariad, Raymond Feist – Daughter of the Empire, Mercedes Lackey, Cassandra Clare,Terry Pratchett, Julian May – The Golden Torc, Anne McCaffrey, Isaac Asimov – I Robot, Arthur C Clarke, Robert Silverberg – Dying Inside, Philip Dick – Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Future meetings
Our December 4th meeting will have a theme of Encounters. Could you write something on this theme, or talk about a story or novel which turns on a particular Encounter? Fran is going to lead this discussion.Our December 18th meeting will have a festive theme, possibly a very short story with everyone sharing the first sentence. Have you got a suggestion as to what that sentence could be?Our first meeting of the new year will be on Friday January 8th.

Writing Project
Read Chapter Ten of our writing project, Thrapston Mansions. This time, Simon G has contributed a chapter.

Simon’s links
Simon P mentioned these two links during his contribution yesterday. You will find them interesting, especially that helicopter/aeroplane ?? A TED talk on the concept of enough, which I find thought-provoking:
And is this not science fiction from the 1950s and 1960s become real?: 


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