New books published by Rugby Cafe Writers

Members of Rugby Cafe Writers have been busy publishing books over the past month. Bella Osborne has written The Promise of Summer. This was originally published as a four-part serial. This is the complete story in one package. Ruby’s life is about to change for ever… After years of dating losers, cheats and one guy whoContinue reading “New books published by Rugby Cafe Writers”

Writing inspired by an object

Rugby Cafe Writers were challenged to produce a piece of writing inspired by an object or picture. Here is a selection of their contributions. Against All The Odds by Madalyn Morgan Against all the odds, fourteen-year-old Vladimir – now in his nineties – drew this windmill. Vladimir gave me the windmill (circa 1943) when I leftContinue reading “Writing inspired by an object”

These Things Are Sent To Try Us

The writing prompt for our meeting was ‘These Things Are Sent To Try Us’. Here is a selection of pieces from members of the Rugby Cafe Writers. Love Is Great, Except When It Isn’t by Jim Hicks Years ago, I was in the south-east and an old college friend kindly agreed to give me aContinue reading “These Things Are Sent To Try Us”

Writing about Spring

Rugby Cafe Writers were challenged to write a story, poem or article on the theme of Spring. Here is a selection of their contributions. Hot Cross Buns by Christine Hancock Spring means Easter, and the start of Easter is Good Friday, which means Hot Cross Buns. I got married in 1977, in May, but thatContinue reading “Writing about Spring”

Writing about Ireland

Rugby Cafe Writers were invited to write a piece of fiction or non-fiction on the theme of Ireland. Ireland: a personal perspective ‘The Land of Saints and Scholars.’  So says the well-known phrase describing the Irish Republic.  A less-kind observer, in search of a similarly alliterative moniker, might say ‘The Land of Poets and PouringContinue reading “Writing about Ireland”

Writing inspired by song titles

Rugby Cafe Writers’ members were invited to write a story, poem or article of up to 300 words based on a popular song title. Here is a selection of the contributions. Scarborough Fair by Pam Barton It was years since I had been to the annual local fair. In fact it must have been atContinue reading “Writing inspired by song titles”

An Experience You Never Had

Rugby Cafe Writers were challenged to write a piece, maximum length 300 words, about an experience they have never had. Here is a selection of their contributions: A first time for everything by David J Boulton ‘Only one go at this, no second chances.’ There were others present, but they couldn’t hear. The conversation wasContinue reading “An Experience You Never Had”