Rugby Cafe Writers feature at Southam Book Festival

Several of our Rugby Cafe Writers are appearing at the (virtual) Southam Book Festival, 2020, which takes place this week. We have supported the festival in previous years, with our writers promoting their own books.

This year, the event has had to move online. But it will still feature our own Bella Osborne, Madalyn Morgan and Lindsay Woodward.

Bella Osborne has just published her latest book, One Family Christmas, which will shortly be available in Tesco and Sainsbury’s – quite a coup.

bella osborne latest book.jpg

A big family. A whole lot of secrets. A Christmas to remember…
This year, Lottie is hosting one last big family Christmas at the home she grew up in – just like her  Nana would have wanted.
But when her relatives descend on the old manor house, Lottie gets more than she bargained for.  Every family has its secrets, but in this family, everybody has one!

So, between cooking a Christmas dinner, keeping tensions at bay and a stray dog out of mischief, she has plenty on her plate (and not just misshapen sausage rolls and a frozen turkey). And then her first love shows up – nine years after he walked out of her life. Can Lottie make their last family Christmas one to remember… for the right reasons?

Madalyn Morgan has recently published She Casts A Long Shadow, the eighth in her series of Dudley Sisters novels.

She casts a long shadow - Madalyn Morgan

Preparing to expose the mole at MI5, Ena’s husband Henry is abducted by Special Branch and Ena is thrown into a murder case.

All the evidence points to Henry having killed the mole, leading Ena to conclude that Henry is being framed. Close to finding out the truth, Ena is suspended from her job at the Home Office and the investigation is blocked by Special Branch.

Only her sisters and her old friend Inspector Powell believe Henry is innocent.
Help comes from an untrustworthy character. A deal is agreed: A ticket to Austria in return for the names of the mole’s associates, evidence to solve two of Ena’s cold cases, and the proof that Henry is innocent of murder. The catch? Ena must accompany this character to Austria as insurance.

Lindsay Woodward has just published her seventh novel, Invisible.

Lindsay Woodward latest book.jpg

Alice Bloom has shut herself away from the world for years. But all that changes when three men  come into her life. Firstly there’s the rather disgusting Karl, who has the key to her problems but    turns her stomach. Then there’s smooth and sexy Ethan, whom Alice falls head over heels for, but  she just can’t seem to get time alone with him. And finally there’s her lovely, supportive friend     

Dan, if only they could ever actually get to meet. Because the biggest problem of all is: Alice is invisible. The complications become more and more hilarious as Alice tries to steer her way through her conflicting emotions and find her way to happiness. Will she succeed or will life always get the better of her?

Watch the Rugby Cafe Writers this Tuesday at the Southam Book Festival.

Tuesday October 13th @7:30pm – Romantic Fiction Forum

This event will be chaired by Bella Osborne and will feature fellow authors Phillipa Ashley, Madalyn Morgan and Lyndsay Woodward.

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