What makes a good poem?

I heard this morning on the radio that Poetry as a subject is being dropped from the National Curriculum in the next academic year. I hope it’s not true. To quote one brave young activist “How dare they?” Music also apparently seems to be under threat, according to some ‘leaked’ reports. While trying not toContinue reading “What makes a good poem?”

The editing process

When I worked as a journalist, one of my jobs was sub-editing. This meant checking the copy of reporters, designing pages and writing headlines. It demanded an attention to detail which I didn’t always have. I was once dealing with a story about GEC in Rugby – one of the town’s biggest employers – whichContinue reading “The editing process”

Bella publishes feel-good romance

A new romance title has been published by a member of the Rugby Cafe Writers. Bella Osborne has just released Meet Me at Pebble Beach, which is now available on Amazon. It is described as “the hilarious and feel-good romance fiction read of summer 2020”. Meet Me at Pebble Beach was originally published as a four-partContinue reading “Bella publishes feel-good romance”

Kate featured in Rugby Advertiser

Rugby Cafe Writer Kate A. Harris is featured in this week’s Rugby Advertiser. Kate, a former employee of the newspaper, has written an article about her experience after being diagnosed as a coeliac and having to switch to a strict gluten-free diet. She describes the diagnosis as “the day my life changed forever”. The articleContinue reading “Kate featured in Rugby Advertiser”

How can we write in the first person?

It was, I believe, the final TV programme this week featuring Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads. We don’t have a TV here in Guernsey, but I’ve seen some previously: highly effective, personal, and intimate in the way the sole character communicates with his/her audience which almost amounts to thinking aloud. It’s striking, this one-to-one way ofContinue reading “How can we write in the first person?”

How to write the first paragraph

Following our interesting discussion last week about writing the blurb, by a strange coincidence Waterstones announced they were displaying their books back-cover uppermost. This was to discourage people from handing the book due to the virus, but it also made a point which is useful to us. They believe the strength of the blurb itselfContinue reading “How to write the first paragraph”

How to write a book blurb

The blurb found on the back of a paperback was originally found on the inside flyleaf of a hardback book. My first two novels have these. But since the majority of books these days are released in paperback, the blurb takes prominence on the back cover. It also appears alongside the book as an introductionContinue reading “How to write a book blurb”