Terri publishes debut novel

Rugby Cafe Writer Terri Brown has published her debut novel, Shadow Man. It has already been described by a reviewer as an “edge of the seat rollercoaster”. Here is the blurb from Amazon:

“Toni returns to the town of her abusive upbringing for the funeral of her long-missing high school friend. She only has one thought on her mind – pay her respects and leave.  But a strange text has brought all of her high school friends to this one point and they soon realise that all is definitely not what it seems. 

“There is more in the darkness here than just shadows. 

“Coming to terms with her mother’s abuse and the terrors of her upbringing, the ghosts of Toni’s past become more than metaphorical – they become dangerous. Fighting them, a terrifying dark daemon and a serial killer that is closer to home than any of them suspected, Toni learns some steep lessons about friendship, love and just how much she is capable of. But will it be enough to save her friends?”

Terri Brown: Debut novel.

Here is what some of the reviewers have said:

“I never read horror novels, but a friend advised that if I only ever read one horror book in my life, it should be this one. She told me I need to expand my reading repertoire… There is so much story going on that the horror elements don’t overshadow and spoil the reading – a mistake I think many debut writers make. Easy reading and definitely worth my time.”

Another said: “So refreshing to pick up a debut novel and realise that you may have stumbled on another author with the quality of Stephen King or Dean Koontz. A phenomenal read, well written and edge of the seat suspense. I almost read it it one sitting, but saved the last few chapters for a Friday, late night treat. You won’t be disappointed.”


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