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An Experience You Never Had

Rugby Cafe Writers were challenged to write a piece, maximum length 300 words, about an experience they have never had. Here is a selection of their contributions: A first time for everything by David J Boulton ‘Only one go at this, no second chances.’ There were others present, but they couldn’t hear. The conversation wasContinue reading “An Experience You Never Had”


Rugby Cafe Writers were challenged to write a short story or poem on the theme of Encounters. Encounter – a traditional Persian(?) tale by Steve Redshaw Yes, he had been under a lot of stress recently. Several deals not coming to fruition. Realising good investment returns was tough these days. Or was he just losingContinue reading “Encounters”


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Rugby Cafe Writers is a group of authors and book-lovers in the Midlands town of Rugby, England. Our writers have published more than 40 books between us, crossing genres from horror to thrillers, from romance to politics.

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